15th March 2012

Paul Kaye 1929-2012

Paul Kaye - 1929 - 2012

Paul Kaye, a professional photographer admired and celebrated for his distinctive animal imagery, passed away peacefully on 8th of March aged 83.

Born in London on 19th December 1929, Paul was introduced to photography by his father - also Paul Kaye - as a young boy.

At that time Paul senior worked mainly in advertising photography but was later to become well-known in Fleet Street for his animal images, which were published extensively in both national newspapers and magazines.

Paul junior started his working life in show business while working with and learning from his father part-time. The partnership lasted 37 years until the death of Paul senior in 1985.

Having always had an affinity with creatures of all shapes and sizes, Paul chose to ignore the old theatrical adage: 'never work with children or animals' and began turning his hand to animal photography.

The skills passed on from his father, coupled with his showbiz background, formed the perfect combination and gave Paul great insight into the type of images that strike a chord with the viewer.

Paul's images capture the essence of what makes animals appealing to humans: cute, cuddly, affectionate, funny, surprising. They tell stories, challenge stereotypes and conventions, and continue to bring joy to many.

One of Paul's most famous subjects was a spaniel pup named Susi, who got up to some amazing antics, solo and with other animals, throughout the 1950s. Susi was a regular in the Sunday Pictoral as "the Pic Pup", and a decade later reappeared as a long running feature in the Munich Review. She has also graced a myriad of magazines, calendars and greetings cards, and is still a firm favourite 60 years on.

It's the timeless nature and universal appeal that make Paul's images really stand out and stand the test of time. Shot with commercial use well and truly in mind, and often featuring unnatural couplings and situations, they still maintain an uncannily natural feel and an undeniable and incomparable level of tenderness. Like his father’s before him, Paul’s imagery was featured in countless magazines, newspapers, periodicals and books: including several works by Enid Blyton.

In 2011 Paul joined specialist animal image library Animal Photography and began digitising his catalogue so a new generation of animal and image lovers can enjoy his work. The work to revive his unique and timeless collection continues.

Paul is survived by partner Shirley, his three sons Paul, Russell and Stefan, and six grandchildren. His funeral will take place on 21st March 2012, at 12.30pm at North East Surrey Crematorium, England.

No flowers please but any donations made to Canine Partners, would be much appreciated. The Funeral Directors will look after this for the family. Anyone wishing to send a donation may do so at the address below:
c/o The Truelove Funeral Trust,
118 Carshalton Road,
Sutton, Surrey SM14RL

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1st September 2011

Paul Kaye signs with Animal Photography

Paul Kaye Animal Photography Kitten and Baby, classic imagery

Paul Kaye signs with Animal Photography.

Paul has specialised in humorous animal pictures for many years and his images are quite simply 'classics'. In the coming months we will be working with Paul digitising his collection and we'll keep you posted with our progress. All his animal pictures will be sold exclusively through Animal Photography.

Paul Kaye's photo's are going live now, view Paul Kaye's images

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26th May 2011

Linda Dick joins Animal Photography

Linda Dick cutest sheep_lambs

Animal Photography are pleased to announce the signing of Linda Dick to our family of super photographers. We promise that her farm animal images will delight you all.

More news on Linda soon.

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9th April 2011

Andrew Howells signs with Animal Photography

Andrew Howells Golden Retriever

We welcome Andrew Howells to Animal Photography. We can't wait to share Andrews lovely imagery with you, it's perfect magazine material.

More on Andrew very soon.

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3rd February 2011

Nick Ridley signs with Animal Photography

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

Today we signed the fabulous Nick Ridley to Animal Photography, this is fantastic news, as just last month we signed Paul Walker.

Nick has been involved in photography for over 30 years and this experience coupled with a lifetime of being around working dogs gives him an undeniable edge when photographing our canine companions. He was an inspector with a well known animal charity and always puts the care and welfare of the animal before the taking of a photograph.

He is a full time professional dog photographer and is available for both commercial and private commissions. In 1998 he started what has become one of the highest profile and well respected dog event photography businesses in the country. His photographs are used throughout the world and he has a number of international clients within his portfolio.

Nick has written two books on photographing pets and dogs and in 2008 he published his "first coffee table book" Labradors... At Work, Rest and Play. In 2009 the second book in the series Spaniels was published and both books have gone on to be international sellers. Nick has made numerous television and radio appearances.

You can visit Nick's website here www.nickridley.com We'll post more of his fabulous photos, as they go live.

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6th December 2010

Paul Walker signs with Animal Photography

Paul Walker

A warm welcome to Paul Walker; the latest photographer to join the Animal Photography team.

We first came across Paul a few years ago, when one Christmas morning we unwrapped his fabulous book: Pet Photography Now. Since then we have been following his great work, and today are delighted to announce his contract arrived safely, dog bite-mark included.

Paul has won numerous awards for his stunning imagery - a list far too long to go into here - and has been awarded the Scottish Master Photographer title no less than three times.

His extensive experience of photographing animals with differing temperaments - from rescue dogs through to highly trained Crufts regulars - and attitude to pet photography is well regarded, as are his ‘animal wizardry tricks’; a special set of animal interaction techniques designed to get the very best out of his subjects.

You can visit Paul's website here www.pawspetphotography.co.uk We'll post more of his fabulous photos, as they go live.

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5th November 2010

Britta Jaschinski: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010


Well done to Britta Jaschinski for winning European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010, with this stunning image: 'Ghostly Cheetah'.

The Ghostly Cheeta was captured by Britta during a recent trip to Tanzania, she takes up the story:

“I arrived in Ndutu only days after a huge bushfire had ripped through the area, burning down a vast number of majestic acacia trees.

“I could smell ash and cinders in the air. The destructive power of these fires is immense. I found many empty, whitened tortoise shells and saw disorientated impala and dik-dik wandering around with nowhere to hide.

“And then, a cheetah appeared on the blackened soil. This fire must have been a windfall for large cats - their prey was confused and out in the open. But the cheetah, too, looked unsettled, alienated and lost - almost ghostly. I took the photo and then watched as he melted into the singed background. The cheetah is endangered due to loss of habitat, reduced prey and direct persecution. I feel this photo symbolises how exposed and vulnerable this species is.”

View images by Britta Jaschinski at Animal Photography.
View this article on the BBC

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22nd October 2010

Tetsu Yamazaki images now live

bengal licking animal photography tetsu yamazaki AP-09NKGJ

Tetsu Yamazaki's images are now going live. Stunning pictures of Cats and Dogs on white backgrounds.

View images by Tetsu Yamazaki at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Tetsu Yamazaki.

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3rd August 2010

Eva-Maria Kramer signs with Animal Photography, adding over 100 dog breed images

Pointer pointing in misty heather Photo Animal Photography, Eva-Maria Kramer

Welcome Eva-Maria Krämer, to Animal Photography.

The arrival of Eva to our team will totally transform our Dog breeds collection; from an already respectable 270, to over 370.

Not only that, Eva brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of Dogs to Animal Photography; she has written several reference books about Dogs and has worked with KOSMOS publishers for many years, she also publishes two magazines: Collie Review and Beardie Revue.

Her collection of rare breeds of dogs is unrivalled, and we’re truly excited about having her with us. Eva lives in Germany and is possessed by her most lovable Whippet called Nikki.

View images of Pointers at Animal Photography.
View images by Eva-Maria Kramer at Animal Photography.

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30th June 2010

Tetsu Yamazaki signs with Animal Photography

A warm welcome to Tetsu Yamazaki, the latest member of the Animal Photography team, who brings to us a fabulous collection of cat and dog images.

Tetsu, who hails from Japan, is listed as on the of the top 1o cat photographers in the world, and is admired by many - including our own Helmi Flick and Alan Robinson; both huge fans.

Tetsu’s work has graced many newspapers, magazines and books: including the much admired Legacy of the Cat and Legacy of the Dog, and has feaured in many other forms of media, advertising, and displays

Tetsu's images are executed with precision and clarity that is hard to find these days. We are currently selecting pictures, and will post a link once they're online.

View images by Tetsu Yamazaki at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Tetsu Yamazaki.

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19th June 2010

Alice Van Kempen signs with Animal Photography

We welcome Alice Van Kempen to Animal Photography. Alice is very much the modern day Sally Anne Thompson.

Alice is a professional Dog photographer and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise of Dogs. Sally recommended her as a great photographer to join our team of ever growing photographers and we look forward to adding her images to Animal Photography. Her photographs are widely published in magazines, books, calenders, brochures and advertising. Alice will bring an enormous collection of stock photographs, including many rare breeds which will really add to our already wonderful library.

Image link coming soon.

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1st June 2010

Britta Jaschinski joins Animal Photography

Britta Jaschinski picture by Alexandr Pospech

Over 12 years ago we bought ZOO; a wonderfully haunting book by Britta Jaschinski, about the confinement of animals. We love ZOO, and so are absolutely delighted to welcome Britta to the Animal Photography family.

Britta is well known for her wildlife pictures and has won numerous awards. Her work has featured in many prestigious international art festivals and museums.

When not photographing wildlife, Britta works with Dogs Trust, United Nations, RSPCA and many other good cause projects, so we are delighted to be solely representing her domestic imagery.

We congratulate her for ther most recent award; ‘Highly Commended’ for the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2009. Britta was born in Bremen, Germany and now lives and works in London, England.

Image by Alexandr Pospech.

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9th April 2010

Alan Robinson joins Animal Photography

Alan Robinson portrait, represented by Animal Photography

Welcome Alan Robinson to Animal Photography. Alan is listed as one of the top 10 Cat photographers in the world and brings with him a fabulous collection of cat breed images - perhaps one of the largest available - and experience to Animal Photography.

Combining Alan’s and Helmi Flick's work together will give us one of the best, if not the best collection of Cat breeds in the world.

View images by Alan Robinson at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Alan Robinson.

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19th March 2010

Helmi Flick signs with Animal Photography

Helmi Flick portrait, represented by Animal Photography

Welcome Helmi and her husband Ken to Animal Photography. Helmi needs no introduction really, she is one of the leading Cat photographers in the world.

Very much a team effort, Helmi and husband Ken - lighting man, roadie, technical advisor and cat wrangler - work together to produce some of the most striking Cat images ever seen.

Helmi Flick's break came in 2002, when she was asked by the TICA to be show photographer. Later on that year she had her pictures featured in Legacy of the Cat, one of the leading definitive guides to cats.

View images by Helmi Flick at Animal Photography.

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26th February 2010

Paul Cotney signs with Animal Photography

We welcome Paul Cotney to Animal Photography. Paul runs his own studio in Yorkshire, England. As soon as we saw Paul's work we loved it, he manages to capture the most adorable images, which we're confident will grace many fine publications in the future.

View images by Paul Cotney at Animal Photography.

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5th February 2010

Anita Peeples joins Animal Photography

Anita Peeples portrait Animal Photography

A warm welcome to Anita Peeples, the newest member of the Animal Photography team.

Although Anita has only been photographing animals for a few years, she has already developed her own unique, and rather contemporary style.

She is based Peterborough, Canada.

View images by Anita Peeples at Animal Photography.

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29th January 2010

Barbara O'Brien signs with Animal Photography

Barbara O'Brien portriat, Animal Photography

We’re delighted to welcome Barbara O'Brien to Animal Photography. We contacted Barbara a couple of months ago after stumbling on her website; we loved the lifestyle approach and the diversity of her images.

Barbara has been a professional animal trainer for 20 years, combining this with her photography skills to produce breathtaking imagery.

She works from her Farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Western Wisconsin, US. Which we think sounds jolly nice.

Barbara’s clients have included Target, Apple and Harley-Davidson.

View images by Barbara O'Brien at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Barbara O'Brien at Animal Photography.

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16th January 2010

Robin Burkett joins Animal Photography

Robin Burkett portriat, Animal Photography

We welcome Robin Burkett to Animal Photography. Robin runs her own pet photography studio in Washington, US. Voted one of the "Best Pet Portrait Artists" by The Washington Post. Robin is already an established photographer so we are very excited to have her working with us.

View images by Robin Burkett at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Robin Burkett at Animal Photography.

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13th January 2010

Vidar Skauen signs with Animal Photography

Vidar Skauen portriat, Animal Photography

We welcome Vidar Skauen to Animal Photography. We found Vidar on Flickr after seeing his stunning images of Sphynx cats - the sharpness and clarity of his images have to be seen to be believed.

He is a semi-professional photographer, taking pictures in his spare time, and is based in Oslo, Norway.

View images by Vidar Skauen at Animal Photography.

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