30th June 2010

Tetsu Yamazaki signs with Animal Photography

A warm welcome to Tetsu Yamazaki, the latest member of the Animal Photography team, who brings to us a fabulous collection of cat and dog images.

Tetsu, who hails from Japan, is listed as on the of the top 1o cat photographers in the world, and is admired by many - including our own Helmi Flick and Alan Robinson; both huge fans.

Tetsu’s work has graced many newspapers, magazines and books: including the much admired Legacy of the Cat and Legacy of the Dog, and has feaured in many other forms of media, advertising, and displays

Tetsu's images are executed with precision and clarity that is hard to find these days. We are currently selecting pictures, and will post a link once they're online.

View images by Tetsu Yamazaki at Animal Photography.
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Tetsu Yamazaki, Photographer news

19th June 2010

Alice Van Kempen signs with Animal Photography

We welcome Alice Van Kempen to Animal Photography. Alice is very much the modern day Sally Anne Thompson.

Alice is a professional Dog photographer and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise of Dogs. Sally recommended her as a great photographer to join our team of ever growing photographers and we look forward to adding her images to Animal Photography. Her photographs are widely published in magazines, books, calenders, brochures and advertising. Alice will bring an enormous collection of stock photographs, including many rare breeds which will really add to our already wonderful library.

Image link coming soon.

Alice Van Kempen, Photographer news

1st June 2010

Britta Jaschinski joins Animal Photography

Britta Jaschinski picture by Alexandr Pospech

Over 12 years ago we bought ZOO; a wonderfully haunting book by Britta Jaschinski, about the confinement of animals. We love ZOO, and so are absolutely delighted to welcome Britta to the Animal Photography family.

Britta is well known for her wildlife pictures and has won numerous awards. Her work has featured in many prestigious international art festivals and museums.

When not photographing wildlife, Britta works with Dogs Trust, United Nations, RSPCA and many other good cause projects, so we are delighted to be solely representing her domestic imagery.

We congratulate her for ther most recent award; ‘Highly Commended’ for the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2009. Britta was born in Bremen, Germany and now lives and works in London, England.

Image by Alexandr Pospech.

Britta Jaschinski, Photographer news