4th January 2010

Welcome to the Animal Photography blog...

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re a small, specialist image library based entirely on the work of Sally Anne Thompson; a pioneer of the animal photography art who - along with her husband Ron Willbie - photographed over 100,000 Dogs, Cats and Horses; domestic, working and wild animals during her 50 year career.

To date, Animal Photography has been all about Sally and Ron’s wonderful imagery, but as of today a new chapter begins, and we’re opening our doors to the wealth of animal photographer talent from around the world.

Why the change after all this time? Well, the image world is developing at a pace; the way in which we capture, store, distribute and buy images is progressing so fast, and we felt it was time we progressed along with it.

Our MD Stephen Taylor takes up the story: "When we took over AP in 2006, it was all about building a new website, re-branding, digitising images, and getting them online, but the image world has moved on since then. By mid 2009 we hit 10,000 images, but people now expect even more choice than that; with stock agencies like Getty, Alamy or Corbis image buyers have so much choice. We need to meet that demand, but at the same time without loosing sight of Sally and Ron’s original vision for Animal Photography; to be the number one domestic animal image resource in the world, full of the highest quality specialist imagery available.”
...and that really sums up our challenge: to be the number one place an image buyer can go to find the world’s best animal photographers and pictures.

We can’t do it alone though, we’re going to need some world class photographers to come with us on our journey. If you’re up for it, please get in touch...

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