12th September 2012

Siamese breed information now live


Bred originally from imports from Thailand in the 19th century.
Developed throughout this century with some outcrossing to introduce new colours. Friendly and very lively. Can be very noisy.

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Sally Anne Thompson, Cats

14th June 2012

Abyssinian breed information now live


Lively and somewhat independent, with a quiet voice. Affectionate and intelligent, thrives on interaction and play. Needs little grooming.

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Helmi Flick, Cats

30th April 2012

Johnny Krüger signs with Animal Photography

Johnny Krüger Animal Photography

Animal Photography are pleased to announce the signing of Johnny Krüger to our family of photographers.

Indoors or outdoors, domestic or wild, Johnny can turn any scene or subject into a work of art. His stunning collection is online now.

Cats, Johnny Kruger

14th February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Siamese cat love

Here's to all the creatures great and small who we love and love us in return.
To find lots of heart warming images from cat cuddles to puppy love please click here.

Sally Anne Thompson, Cats

7th February 2012

Australian Mist cat images


Today we added some brand new images of Australian Mist cats by the fabulous Helmi Flick.

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Helmi Flick, Cats

31st October 2011

Happy Halloween

Black Halloween cat on pumpkin _ Anita Peeples

Throughout the ages black cats have been associated with the occult. Several myths and legends exist about black cats being evil or bad luck. They are supposed to have a connection with witches, and many other dark things. However in many cultures cats are also seen as a sign of good luck. So look after cats, especially the black ones during Halloween.

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Anita Peeples, Cats

14th September 2011

This months top search - Cute animal sleeping positions

Cute dog sleeping by Barbara OBrien Animal Photography

Cute Damatian dog sleeping Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography

cute kittens sleeping Alan Robinson Animal Photography

Cute kitten sleeping Sally Anne Thompson Animal Photography

Cute puppy sleeping in bucket Paul Cotney Animal Photography

This month this search term stood out as the most popular. Please keep checking our website for updates, as our images increase daily. Here's our top 5.

To see all images of cute animals sleeping.

Dogs, Sally Anne Thompson, Tetsu Yamazaki, Alan Robinson, Barbara O'Brien, Paul Cotney, Cats

1st September 2011

Paul Kaye signs with Animal Photography

Paul Kaye Animal Photography Kitten and Baby, classic imagery

Paul Kaye signs with Animal Photography.

Paul has specialised in humorous animal pictures for many years and his images are quite simply 'classics'. In the coming months we will be working with Paul digitising his collection and we'll keep you posted with our progress. All his animal pictures will be sold exclusively through Animal Photography.

Paul Kaye's photo's are going live now, view Paul Kaye's images

Cats, Photographer news, Paul Kaye

29th July 2011

New breed images added of Geoffroy's cats

Geoffroy's cat by Tetsu Yamazaki

Geoffroy's Cat (Leopardus geoffroyi) is a wild cat which originates from the southern and central regions of South America. The Geoffroy's Cat has been bred with the domestic cat, resulting in the rare hybrid Safari Cat.

This fast breed is about the size of a domestic cat. Some people keep Geoffroy's cats indoors, however these are not normal domestic cats and are a serious commitment. They will need training and regular handling.

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Tetsu Yamazaki, Cats

23rd March 2011

Works of Art: Peterbald Cat, photo by Vidar Skauen

Sphynx Cat Photo Animal Photography, Vidar Skauen

Since launching our new website we have been adding thousands of stunning images. This is just one of many new kinds of photo's we are adding. And, the best thing of all, we have much more to come.

To see our whole collection, please click on this link. 
View of stunning images of Peterbald cats.

Vidar Skauen, Cats, Staff picks

28th October 2010

Staff picks: Kitten picture, by Anita Peeples

Kitten by Anita Peeples

This picture of a Shorthaired, tabby kitten demonstrating it’s balancing skills, was viewed more than any other image in October 2010. Each month we'll post the most popular images.

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22nd October 2010

Tetsu Yamazaki images now live

bengal licking animal photography tetsu yamazaki AP-09NKGJ

Tetsu Yamazaki's images are now going live. Stunning pictures of Cats and Dogs on white backgrounds.

View images by Tetsu Yamazaki at Animal Photography.
Learn more about Tetsu Yamazaki.

Tetsu Yamazaki, Cats, Photographer news

2nd August 2010

New breed images added of Munchkin cat. Photo by Helmi Flick

Munchin cat photo Animal Photography, Helmi Flick

The Munchkin is a relatively new breed created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in cats with abnormally short legs.

The gene responsible has been compared to the one that gives Welsh Corgis and Dachshunds their short stature, but Munchkins do not suffer from the many spinal problems typically associated with those canine breeds (cats' spines are physically different from dogs').

Although on first glance it would look to be the case, the shortness of their legs does not seem to interfere with their running and leaping abilities.

The munchkin is a cheerful and curious breed of cat, which settles easily with humans, making it great as a pet.

The Munchkin achieved TICA Championship status in May 2003.

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Helmi Flick, Cats

19th July 2010

New breed images added of Toyger cat. Photo by Tetsu Yamazaki

Toyger cat

We've just added images of the stunning 'Toyger' cat.

The Toyger is a breed in development; recognized by TICA for Registration only early in the 1990's, Preliminary New Breed in 2000 and lovely even now, the goals for the breed are long term and the prospect even more exciting.

Interestingly, several of the Toyger’s features proposed have never before been recognized as possible in a domestic cat. Progress is slow but steady in all areas from companionability, to appearance.

The Toyger showed its new TICA status of Advanced New Breed in May 2006.

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Tetsu Yamazaki, Cats