12th September 2011

New breed added: Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano photo Animal Photography Alice van Kempen

Volpino Italiano Spitz type dog Alice van Kempen

We have now added images of a little spitz type Italian dog known as the Volpino Italiano (also known as the Cane de Quirinale, Florentine Spitz
or Italian Spitz). The Volpino is recognised by both the FCI and UKC.

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Dogs, Alice Van Kempen

18th August 2011

Many more images added of the rare Wetterhoun

Dog Watterhoun

Dog Wetterhoun Photo _ Alice van Kempen

We have just uploaded Alice van Kempen's lovely images of the wetterhoun, also known as Frisian Water Dog. This rare gundog breed from the Netherlands performs well on land as well as in water and was originally used to hunt otters.

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Dogs, Alice Van Kempen

19th June 2010

Alice Van Kempen signs with Animal Photography

We welcome Alice Van Kempen to Animal Photography. Alice is very much the modern day Sally Anne Thompson.

Alice is a professional Dog photographer and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise of Dogs. Sally recommended her as a great photographer to join our team of ever growing photographers and we look forward to adding her images to Animal Photography. Her photographs are widely published in magazines, books, calenders, brochures and advertising. Alice will bring an enormous collection of stock photographs, including many rare breeds which will really add to our already wonderful library.

Image link coming soon.

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