12th September 2012

Siamese breed information now live


Bred originally from imports from Thailand in the 19th century.
Developed throughout this century with some outcrossing to introduce new colours. Friendly and very lively. Can be very noisy.

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Sally Anne Thompson, Cats

25th July 2012

Belgian Shepherd Dog breed information now live

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Originating in Belgium for use in livestock herding, there are four very distinct types of Belgian Shepherd Dogs:
the Groenendael (Groenendaal), Laekense (Laekenois), Mechelaar (Malinois) and Tervuren (Tervueren).

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4th June 2012

The Queen loves her Corgis

Corgi Champion Ermyn Sugar Loaf Of Lees by Sally Anne Thompson

Corgis with a Norfolk Terrier, Ron Willbie

Adorable cute Corgi by Animal Photography Tetsu Yamazaki

Corgis Ch Wey Blackmint Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

Corgi on the dorr step, Animal Photography, Leesia Teh

Corgi studio shot Animal Photography, Barbara OBrien

As a special treat for our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Diamond Jubilee here are some our favourite pictures of Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

The first, this magnificent picture by Sally Anne Thompson of Champion Ermyn Sugar Loaf Of Lees.

A helping hand, Corgis with a Norfolk Terrier thrown in for good measure.
Photo © Animal Photography, Ron Willbie

Adorable Corgis, it doesn't get more cute than this...
Photo © Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki

The famous Corgi, Ch Wey Blackmint, owned by Nan Butler.
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

It might be raining but we're all still enjoying the festivities. Corgi on the door step. Photo © Animal Photography, Leesia Teh

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Dogs, Sally Anne Thompson, Tetsu Yamazaki, Barbara O'Brien, Ron Willbie, Leesia Teh

4th April 2012

World Stray Animals Day


The pets in our library are lucky: they are much loved and very well looked after (in fact some are groomed to the nines). But spare a thought for the 600.000.000 stray animals living in dire conditions around the world right now. Today is "World Stray Animals Day".

For more information and ways to help please visit:

Sally Anne Thompson

14th February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Siamese cat love

Here's to all the creatures great and small who we love and love us in return.
To find lots of heart warming images from cat cuddles to puppy love please click here.

Sally Anne Thompson, Cats

14th September 2011

This months top search - Cute animal sleeping positions

Cute dog sleeping by Barbara OBrien Animal Photography

Cute Damatian dog sleeping Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography

cute kittens sleeping Alan Robinson Animal Photography

Cute kitten sleeping Sally Anne Thompson Animal Photography

Cute puppy sleeping in bucket Paul Cotney Animal Photography

This month this search term stood out as the most popular. Please keep checking our website for updates, as our images increase daily. Here's our top 5.

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Dogs, Sally Anne Thompson, Tetsu Yamazaki, Alan Robinson, Barbara O'Brien, Paul Cotney, Cats

5th January 2010

Sally Anne Thompson - Our inspiration

Sally Anne Thompson portrait, Animal Photography

A true pioneer of the art, Sally Anne Thompson has combined highly developed photographic skills and an extraordinary ability to get the best out of her subjects, to produce the most unique, striking, and elegant animal images. In a career spanning over
50 years.

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Sally Anne Thompson