25th July 2012

Belgian Shepherd Dog breed information now live

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Originating in Belgium for use in livestock herding, there are four very distinct types of Belgian Shepherd Dogs:
the Groenendael (Groenendaal), Laekense (Laekenois), Mechelaar (Malinois) and Tervuren (Tervueren).

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Dogs, Sally Anne Thompson

19th July 2012

Dachshund breed information now live


The Dachshund originated in Germany for following badgers and foxes to earth (rabbits in the case of the miniatures).

There are 3 distinct varieties which all come in 2 sizes: the standard smoothhaired Dachshund, the miniature smoothaired Dachshund, the standard wirehaired Dachshund, the miniature wirehaired Dachshund, the standard longhaired Dachshund and the miniature longhaired Dachshund.

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Dogs, David Jensen

13th July 2012

Golden Retriever breed information now live

 The Golden Retriever is on of the most popular breed around the world. They are mostly biddable, faithful and affectionate, although some can be headstrong and willful. They make good family pet, can live in most homes but best in the country.

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Dogs, Barbara O'Brien

2nd July 2012

Weimaraner breed information now live

Weimaraner breed info

The Weimaraner is an old German breed dating back to the 1600s.
Used for tracking and retrieving game.
Bold and fearless to the extent that it can also act as a guard dog.

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Dogs, Eva-Maria Kramer