31st October 2011

Happy Halloween

Black Halloween cat on pumpkin _ Anita Peeples

Throughout the ages black cats have been associated with the occult. Several myths and legends exist about black cats being evil or bad luck. They are supposed to have a connection with witches, and many other dark things. However in many cultures cats are also seen as a sign of good luck. So look after cats, especially the black ones during Halloween.

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Anita Peeples, Cats

28th October 2010

Staff picks: Kitten picture, by Anita Peeples

Kitten by Anita Peeples

This picture of a Shorthaired, tabby kitten demonstrating it’s balancing skills, was viewed more than any other image in October 2010. Each month we'll post the most popular images.

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5th February 2010

Anita Peeples joins Animal Photography

Anita Peeples portrait Animal Photography

A warm welcome to Anita Peeples, the newest member of the Animal Photography team.

Although Anita has only been photographing animals for a few years, she has already developed her own unique, and rather contemporary style.

She is based Peterborough, Canada.

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